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Our story begins with Blues and Roots Rock. However, as any good songwriter can tell you, the flavor, style, and genre can morph with a simple beat or key change. We are a home for diverse musicians who keep us moving no matter the beat.

In January of 2019, Leroy Ellington began recording what would become his 2nd self-produced CD. After some moderate success with his debut blues release, “Blue Eyed Blues” by The Leroy Ellington Band, he wanted to make sure that this new project had every chance at being successful.

First and foremost, he enlisted the right players to bring his songs to life, mission accomplished. Followed by building a team of mentors/friends and industry professionals to form Infiniti Groups Records LLC.

The proof is in the pudding: On February 23, 2019, Leroy Ellington’s Sacred Hearts released their debut LP, SANCTIFIED. The album debuted at #41 on the Roots Music Report in the Blues/Rock category, and the single “Good Time Blues” debuted at #8 on the Roots Music Report.

“Sanctified” continued to climb the RMR charts as high as #22, and “Good Time Blues” continued to climb the singles charts as well, climbing to #5 on the same RMR chart.

Currently “Sanctified remains at #56 in the Top 200 Blues/Rock albums of 2019 on the RMR.

Reviews for “Sanctified” have been magnificent, click below for reviews and interviews: